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Zhi-Xun Shen

Zhi-Xun Shen
Paul Pigott Professor in the Physical Sciences, Professor of Applied Physics, Physics and Photon Science
Description of Interests

Condensed Matter Physics

Quantum many-body physics in strongly-correlated electron and other novel quantum systems. Examples include high-temperature superconductors, Fe-pnictide superconductors, topological quantum matter, density wave materials, quantum system with constrained dimension - monolayer superconductivity and transition metal dichalcogeneides. The main tool is high resolution angle-resolved photo-emission spectroscopy, but other photon based tools are also used, such as resonance x-ray scattering, inelastic x-ray scattering and microwave impedance microscopy.

Lasers and Accelerators

Develop and optimize synchrotron radiation based photoemission experiments - both spin integrated and spin resolved spectroscopy. Development of laser capabilities to enable condensed matter physics experiments---examples include time resolved photo-emission spectroscopy using UV lasers and soft x-ray scattering using the LCLS.

Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering

Devepment of AFM-based near field microwave microscopy that enables measurement of electrical properties with 50nm or better resolution--- to study physics and material science problems of mesoscopic length scale, such as metal-insulator transition with mesoscale inhomogeneity, and quantum hall edge physics. Investigation of the physics and applications of diamondoids and related materials, where the combination of diamond structure and nm length scale gives rise to unique properties.