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Young Lee

Young Lee
Research Areas:
Condensed Matter Physics
Description of Interests

Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Materials

The Lee group's research involves studies of novel electronic and magnetic materials in single crystalline form. The goal is to understand the properties of correlated electron systems and quantum spin systems, with an eye toward discovering new materials or new physical phenomena. Such materials represent a major challenge to our present understanding of condensed matter physics, as they consist of many quantum particles which strongly interact with each other. The delicate interplay between the constituents of these systems (involving the magnetic, charge, orbital, and lattice degrees of freedom) leads to a variety of exotic phases, a famous example of which is high-Tc superconductivity. Specifically, the Lee group seeks to develop a deeper understanding of quantum materials through research activities involving neutron scattering, x-ray scattering, and crystal growth. We are particularly interested in novel states such as quantum spin liquids, exotic superconductivity, and topological phases of quantum magnets.